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The Reading Quest!

The Reading Quest Character Card Creator

So I found out about this readthon tonight and I’m jumping on board! I feel like this may be just what I need to get me out of my blog funk, and my booktube funk too!

So here we go! I found out about Reading Quest on Twitter and knew I had to try it! Hello I’m a nerd girl and this is basically a reading RPG! Umm yes!

If you want to sign up you have until Sunday August 13th so hurry!

You can sign up here: The Reading Quest


This is the quest map I spent quite a bit trying to decide what path to go down. Mage of course was my obvious choice because Gwen! She’s a wizard/witch and it only made sense to do magic! Plus I’ve been on my fantasy kick so why the heck not.

I plan to update on here and upload videos for this. (I’m working on learning the video editing software this weekend!)

So here is my planned TBR (as of now it could change)

  1. A book with a one word title: TruthWitch
  2. A book that contains magic: The Last Magician
  3. A book based on Mythology: Charming 
  4. A book set in another world: Heir of Fire
  5. The First book of a series: Ever the Hunted

As you can see this will be a very heavy fantasy reading list.

I have several planned for the side quests.


Potions a book by two Authors: Good Omens

Grind a book with 500+ pages: Empire of Storms

I’m excited to join in this because I wanted a reason to get back to my Booktube channel so here it is!
Come join me: Youtube Channel


Credit for Artwork: Artist


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